cover photo by: Bill Irwin
The Garden Snail picture story, by Bill Irwin
The Garden Snail picture story

Garden Snail This picture was the result of my first foray in manual focusing. It was taken on a lazy rainy day late last summer.

I had planned to take pictures of my favorite subject, my daughter, but the weather was not agreeable. I was on my porch and noticed garden snails all over the place. I went back in the house, and grabbed my camera and shot a couple in macro mode, but they did not turn out as crisp and well defined as I would have liked. I had never used the manual focus feature on my camera, because I am still a novice, so I thought it was time to try it out. If you look carefully at the picture you will notice no trail behind the snail.

Yes! I admit it, I lifted Mr. Snail onto the leaf because he did not contrast as well against my gray concrete porch.

I ask you, am I a bad person for posing this snail?
It was for the sake of art! Wasn't it?

Tech Notes
Sony's DSC F505V

About Bill Irwin

I am a 35-year-old married computer technician from New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. I have a 3-year-old daughter. I started taking photos when I was about 8-9 years old. I only stayed with it for about six months but, I always thought I would be interested in pursuing photography again. I have had a variety of 35mm point and shoot cameras but, never really got into it due to developing costs and other interests. About 1.5 years ago I received a digital camera as a gift during the holiday season. Since then I have taken close to 6000 pictures. Saying I am hooked would be an understatement. While I find the technical aspects of photography to be interesting I enjoy it most for it's own sake. By this I mean seeing something that evokes thought or feeling in me and trying to capture that moment. About 2 months ago I put up a digital photography website. It has a digital photo discussion board and some photo galleries. I can be contacted via the website.


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