cover photo by: Rachel James
Kranji War Memorial, by Jasmin Wong
Kranji War Memorial

Red Cross Emblem Situated in the (not so far) north on the tiny island of Singapore, the war memorial is a good spot to sit and reflect, that is, if you're not spooked out. In actuality, there's absolutely nothing to be afraid of.

As I walked past the myriad rows of stones, carefully planted flowers and read each name, a tinge of sadness settled in my heart and brought forth the wonderment, "Why war?"

There're always questions unanswered, and in light of recent events, this is one of them.

Tech Notes
Canon Digital IXUS V2 (Powershot S200)

About Jasmin Wong

Jasmin; Taken early 2003 It wasn't until July last year that I realised that I actually had an eye, though undeveloped, for photographical composition. The interest came about in late 1998, when I was 13, but I never recognised its signal.

Now, I take my IXUS everywhere I go. Observe, compose and click. It's that simple. Though not all pictures come out perfect, they serve as reminders of what I saw and how I perceived them.

I like going digital, but I love film more. I enjoy the thrill and anticipation that's bundled along with film processing. My father gave me his Old Faithful, a semi-automatic Minolta X-300, at the beginning of this year and honestly, I've fallen in love with its manual mechanisms and clickety sounds.

What I know are gleaned from technical books and my favourites are Kodak's Guide to Photography and the National Geographic Field Guide.

I'm eighteen this September, currently enrolled in a Biomedical Science diploma course but wish that I'd enough guts in the first place to go to an Arts course.

Writing will always be my first love, but photography is my pampered puppy, because a few hundred words of descriptive prose can be instantly captured on a negative, immortalised.


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